Peer Verification Training


Our last in-person workshop was on April 2, 2019 at Duke University, and was generously funded by the North Carolina Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Grant program. Digital resources from the event can be found below. Presentations focus on the Offset Network’s Peer Verification process and the DCOI Urban Forestry Offset Protocol. The innovative peer verification procedures being piloted by the DCOI and the Offset Network, in contrast to expensive third-party verification, provide educational opportunities for students and is expected to remove the high cost barrier of verification.  

Voluntary Carbon Markets 101

Principles of Project Verification

Introduction to the Urban Forest Management Protocol

The Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative

History and Context for Peer Verification

Peer Verification Training

Become a Peer Verifier

Individuals who are interested in becoming peer verifiers through the Offset Network may request to take an online test. It is advised that potential peer verifiers review the materials above and have a general knowledge of both carbon offsets and Offset Network guidance materials. After passing this test, peer verifiers are allowed to perform validations and/or verifications themselves or to supervise a group of students doing so, in which case they take responsibility for the final report and its robustness. Please contact Matthew Arsenault ( if you are interested in taking the peer verification test.

Training was made possible by a grant received from the North Carolina Forest Service