For peer verified and innovative projects, the project verification process uses educational institutions to act as verifiers, instead of using ISO accredited verifiers. By using educational institutions, not only does the project implementer avoid extensive costs, the verifier institution can bolster its academic mission and offer the verification process as a learning opportunity for students. Towards this objective, faculty or staff advise students who would accomplish the verification, following the guidance documents for verification. The format of this arrangement works best as an independent study, group class project, master's project, or capstone experience.


Become a Peer Verifier!

If your organization is interested in becoming a peer verifier, please have the supervising faculty or staff member complete the survey below.

Current Peer Verifiers

The current peer verifiers are organizations at educational institutions all over the US.

Contact Peer Verifiers

Duke University - Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative. Tani Colbert-Sangree,

American University - Office of Sustainability. Megan Litke,

Davidson College - Sustainability Office.  Yancey Fouche,

Elon University - Office of Sustainability. Sustainability Team,