Patagonia Sur Carbon Offset Project

Project Description & Co-Benefits:

Patagonia Sur has developed a world-class model for carbon offsetting and ecosystem restoration that combines responsible capitalism with conservation. Patagonia Sur protects and enhances scenically remarkable and ecologically valuable properties by combining limited and sustainable development, land conservation, forestry practices, carbon sequestration initiatives, and other related businesses.

Patagonia Sur’s properties are in Chilean Patagonia, located on the southern tip of South America, one of the world’s most majestic natural environments, featuring a spectacular array of islands, glaciers, rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys.

In 2011, Colgate University entered into a 15-year agreement to purchase 5,000 tons of carbon offsets annually through the reforestation of native trees.  The "Colgate University Forest" will result in a total of 225,000 native species of trees that are being planted on 430 acres of ecologically degraded land in Chile’s Aysén Region of Patagonia.

As of 2016, the Colgate University Forest contains nearly 13,000 trees. 

Student Involvement:

We have had a few students conduct research in Patagonia since we have initiated this project.  In January 2018, we will conduct our first extended study program to the property, taking approximately 18 students to the site.

Project Organizer Contact Info:

John Pumilio, Director of Sustainability, Colgate Campus Sustainability Office; 315.228.6487

Project Status: 


Offset Registry or Program: 

Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Cost per Offset ($ per mtCO2e):


# of Total Offsets: 

5,000 mtCO2e per year; 25,671 mtCO2e as of 2016

Website: Patagonia Sur Carbon Offsets Project