Peer Reviewed Projects

Peer Reviewed carbon offsets are the same as traditional market available carbon offsets with one key difference. Instead of receiving verification by an International Standards Organization (ISO) accredited verifier, Peer Reviewed offset credits are verified by a peer institutional verifier and therefore, at present, may only be used towards an academic institution's carbon neutrality commitment. To learn more about peer review, navigate to our overview page.

No projects have completed both validation and verification through peer review. However, the projects below have undergone or are currently undergoing peer validation and plan to seek peer verification.

Clarkson’s uganda Carbon Offset Program

In 2014, Clarkson University began developing a carbon offset project in Mbarara, Uganda to meet their climate commitment goals. Sequestration is achieved by training women in the groups to practice agroforestry and providing them with small carbon payments in exchange for planting these native trees.

Duke University Loyd ray farms

In collaboration with Google Inc. and Duke Energy, the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI) has assisted in the design and implementation of an anaerobic digester that converts swine waste into methane, a potent greenhouse case, which is used to generate renewable energy on-site.