Project Plan

To be used by the project implementer to coordinate and prepare for the project and to determine the project's eligibility for inclusion in the Offset Network. The instructions document describes how to complete the Project Plan Template. 

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Project Description Document (PDD)

The General Protocol is an instructions document that describes the process of project accounting and identifies required documentation. The PDD template provides a framework for documentation and includes sample responses based on a project completed by Oberlin College in the Fall of 2016.

Urban Forestry Guidance

The urban forestry guidance include urban forestry protocol comparison, high-level guide to starting an urban forestry project and link to i-Tree Planting Calculator to estimate carbon emission reduction by tree planting.

Attestation of Non-Double Counting

To be signed by the Project Operator to verify that all credits generated are accounted for properly.


Carbon Offset Vocabulary

Commonly used words & phrases in the carbon offsets community. Although we've tried our best to translate jargon into English some terms are unavoidable!

Build Your Carbon Offset Knowledge

The icons below link to additional resources that can be used to increase your knowledge of carbon offset methods, and build skills in project development.