ARE PUBLIC ASSESSMENT REVIEWS MADE PUBLIC? (not sure if this is necessary)

Public Assessment responses to projects will live on-line at the Offset website, and will be attached to the proposed protocol. At this point, there is not a rigidly-defined guideline for Public Assessment responses. Assessments may include comments incorporated directly into the proposed Innovative Protocol narrative using Track Changes or other document mark-up tools; they may be in the form of stand-alone narrative review; or some combination of the two.


Proposers of Innovative Offset Protocols will be required to identify the three subject matter experts. Subject matter experts may be from within their home university community or external, and may include experts outside of academia. Individuals registered with Offset Network as Peer Verifiers may serve in this capacity of providing Public Assessment for proposed Innovative Offset Protocols. The long-term goal of the Offset Network is to have an established body of Peer Verifiers to help with the Public Assessment review process for proposed Innovative Offset Protocols.


The Offset Network’s Peer Review Committee recommends that proposers of Innovative Offset Projects submit their Innovative Offset Protocol for Public Assessment while the project execution details are still being developed so that when a project reaches the point of implementation, the Protocol is approved and may then be ready for the Peer Review process. This is not required, however, and proposers may find Public Assessment more useful if they choose to implement an Innovative Offset Project to demonstrate a pilot example of what the protocol may look like when implemented into a project. Pilot implementation may help to further refine Innovative Offset Protocol details. The Public Assessment process may also be used for review of best practices documentation supporting Innovative Offset Projects. 

I know this isn’t a question, but I wonder if creating a table that directly compares the different approaches would be helpful…

I work for a college/ university; we currently do not have a carbon neutrality goal, where should we start? Or, we have a carbon neutrality goal and have reduced emissions on campus, where should we start with either purchasing carbon offsets or developing projects?

Question about legitimacy of ON offsets

How long does it take to develop a project and have it validated?

What is the crediting period/ when are projects typically verified?

Does ON have a registry where information on projects, credit issuance/ retirement, and serial numbers can be found?

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