Tani Colbert-Sangree, Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative

Tani Colbert-Sangree.jpg

Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Program Officer

Email: tani.colbertsangree@gmail.com

Tani believes that carbon offsets are a tool to expedite implementation and expand the realm of possible climate change solutions. Tani seeks to share his experiences, and any tools he’s helped develop to expand higher-education's ability to generate offset credits. Prior to his position at the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Tani attended was a Program Coordinator at the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI). He attended Oberlin College, then completed a certificate of GHG accounting, and started Tomorrow's Climate Solutions (TCS) a client-based consulting group.

Peer Verification Survey

Tani Colbert-Sangree has filled out the Peer Verification Survey where he makes the case for his legitimacy to act as a project verifier by advising students and providing his stamp of approval for the final work product. Please add your comments below and identify the specific questions and answers you wish to draw attention to and form a statement around Tani's legitimacy to act as a peer verifier.