Develop a Project

When developing an offset project, we encourage you to examine similar projects available through the examples on the Offset Projects page. The Offset Network helps connect offset project teams with experienced project developers to help get new initiatives off the ground, serves as a repository of guidance/template/network resources, and foster a community of carbon offset enthusiasts. Don’t hesitate to reach out to other project organizers and build connections for your institution's journey to climate neutrality. 

Steps to Follow: 

  1. Select a project type.
  2. Identify a carbon offset protocol
    • We recommend using an existing protocol if one is applicable for your project -> contact carbon offsets standard body (visit the locate a protocol page)
    • If your project is not able to utilize an existing protocol, or you would like to pursue a new project idea, develop your own protocol -> utilize the peer review pathway (see section below)
  3. Submit project plan to a carbon offsets standard body. 
  4. Develop the project. Organizations using the Offset Network as the GHG program should add project profile to Offset Network's website.
  5. Complete carbon offset accounting and verify project offsets.
  6. Receive and retire offsets that have been verified and registered with the associated GHG program.

Peer Review Pathway:

Carbon offset projects that cannot utilize the standard carbon offset pathway can pursue the peer verification pathway. This program allows educational institutions leverage partnerships within the academic community to produce robust offset projects with lower costs and resources. In addition, peer reviewed projects will expand learning opportunities for students. For more information/resources, visit the pages in the peer verification section. 

Other Useful Resources:

Below are links to useful resources when considering developing your own offset project including training courses to increase internal capacity, and guidance materials for project developers.