The Offset Network was developed by Duke University, Oberlin College and the University of Florida, members of the Climate Leadership Network, a program managed by the Boston-based nonprofit Second Nature. The Climate Leadership Network is comprised of colleges and universities across the United States that have committed to take action on climate change and prepare students through research and education to solve the challenges of the 21st century. These signatories have made commitments to achieve campus carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gases produced on campus (Scope 1), generated from electricity use (Scope 2), and caused indirectly through the purchase of materials, fuels and more (Scope 3). 

Duke University, Oberlin College, and the University of Florida partnered to create the Offset Network as a web-resource, sharing platform, and educational tool for all Institutions of Higher Education. This resource is intended to help expand educational institutions' options for developing offset projects to better integrate curriculum development, academic research, student involvement, and community engagement. In addition, we work closely with Second Nature to ensure these resources align with Second Nature's carbon offsets guidance. 

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